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Woman stretching at desk

Stretches for Desk Workers

Whether you’re still working from home or going back to the office, chances are you’re sitting at a desk for most of the day. We’ve laid out some important stretches that you can do to keep your blood pumping, reduce pain, and improve posture.

business agreement

The Ultimate Tips to Overcome Objections

We are going to talk about how to make you a stronger salesperson by working on overcoming objections.

two happy people with new home

6 Ways To Stop Paying Rent and Own Your Own Home

6 ways to stop paying rent and own your own home and what you need to make buying your first home easier!

home buying cartoon

Down Payments: How Much Do You Really Need?

This is one of the very first questions most first time home buyers ask themselves, “How much do I need for a down payment?”

choosing house

Understanding the Mortgage Credit Certificate Program

The Mortgage Credit Certificate Programs which are also known as MCC, allows homebuyers to claim a tax credit for a percentage of their paid mortgage interest each year.

House bubble

5 tips for successful house shopping during a pandemic

Whether you’re house hunting during flu season or a pandemic, here are some strategies to help you find what you’re looking for while staying safe.

question marks

3 questions to ask your mortgage lender

Buying a home is a big investment as well as a complex and time-consuming transaction.

calculator and money

How to prepare your finances for a natural disaster or pandemic.

The thing about crisis situations is that you never know when to expect them. The only way to cope is by being prepared. Here’s how to prepare your finances to help you make it through challenging times:

house and money

When is it smart to pay off your mortgage early?

So you’ve found your dream house and you’re ready to make an offer, but how do you make sure your offer stands out among all the others? How do you make your offer more appealing?

women typing on keyboard

Making an Offer on a House? 11 Strategies to Win

So you’ve found your dream house and you’re ready to make an offer, but how do you make sure your offer stands out among all the others? How do you make your offer more appealing?

Man in front of computer

Protect Your Clients from the Latest Loan Modification Scams!

You are the trusted real estate advisor so it’s likely that past clients will contact you when they are struggling with their mortgage payment or have received information in the mail on loan modification or avoiding foreclosure.

Picture of a house

How Do You Know If You Need a New Roof

Floridians are no strangers to extreme weather conditions. Whether it be the stifling heat and humidity during the summer months or the violent wind and rain delivered at hurricane season, the sunshine state, despite its beauty and comfortability in the winter, has a way of testing its residents’ resolve.

Woman cleaning cell phone

Is it necessary to clean your phone?

The short answer is YES! Think of your phone as your third hand. Just like your other hands, it can pick up bacteria, viruses and fungi from constant touching. A 2019 study found that the average person touches their phone 2,617 times a day! So for the sake of your health, it’s important to clean your phone frequently.

Loan Officer handing keys to borrower

National Homeownership Month

The week of June 8, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) says, marks the beginning of Homeownership Month 2020—a time of year when HUD, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and others recognize the importance of homeownership and its impact upon the lives of American families, local neighborhoods, and the national economy.

Woman working at computer

How Does Stress Impact Your Work-from-Home Productivity?

With the current situation, it’s natural that our stress levels may be significantly higher than usual. With many professionals trying to work from home and manage that stress, it can be a challenging balance to maintain. Especially when it comes to productivity, stress can be a major obstacle.

choosing the right realtor and lender blog photo

Choosing the right Realtor and Lender

Trying to sell a home while looking to buy at the same time can be stressful. Avoid that stress by choosing the right realtor and lender.

4 Great Podcasts for Your Work-From-Home Lunch Hour

With so many professionals working at home of late, it’s worth diving into the strategies and resources that can help them excel. Though it can be tempting to work through your lunch, taking an actual break here is valuable. If you truly want to maximize this time while still giving your brain a chance to disconnect from work, podcasts are a great option.

The Habits That Help Loan Officers Excel

If you’re looking for ways to fuel improvement and accelerate success, habits are the perfect place to start. Sure, these actions may seem small, but their impact can be significant. The first place to start is to evaluate the habits you currently have in place. Take time to reflect, because often, some of our habits are created unintentionally.

Are You Productive Enough?

Loan officers committed to growing their business need to make productivity a top priority. Otherwise, they risk collapsing under their success. As business grows, so do work demands. Loan officers need to have the productivity skills in place to meet a growing to-do list head on, without working themselves to exhaustion.

Real Estate Agent

Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Member Safety Survey, almost half of female REALTORS® and one in four male REALTORS® have experienced a situation in the past year that made them fear for their personal safety or safety of their personal information.

Do You Know How Mortgage Insurance Can Be Cancelled?

Did you know that when you have paid down your mortgage loan balance, or your property value has increased, you may be eligible to eliminate your monthly mortgage insurance?

Tax tips icon

Tweak Your Withholding Taxes

Remember filling out a W-4 form when you were first hired? It’s the form that determines how much money your employer withholds from your paycheck to pay federal and state taxes—based upon the number of “allowances” that you claimed.

FHA condominiums for sale

FHA Condos Are Back

FHA condo rules will give affordability a boost! The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released new guidance on FHA-insured condominium financing. The new rules should benefit new homebuyers by allowing more buyers to obtain low down-payment mortgages on affordable housing options.

Husband and wife shaking mortgage lenders hand

Mortgage Closing Scams: Protect Yourself!

Closing on a new home can be one of your most memorable life moments. It’s the final and one of the most critical stages in the home-buying journey, but with the exchange of key paperwork and a sizable down payment, it can also be a stressful experience, especially for first-time homebuyers.

Florida city street

Turn Your Home into a Top-Notch Vacation Rental

Privately owned vacation rentals are a booming business as of late. Homeowners are learning how to make some solid earnings by attracting guests to well-designed, well-maintained homes in desirable locales.

Airbnb home in Florida

Should You Consider Buying an Airbnb Florida Investment Property?

If you’ve been reading about US housing market predictions for 2019, you are already aware of the fact that Airbnb rentals are expected to remain a defining factor in many markets across the nation.

Fraud Ninja Photo- Blog

Consumer Awareness – Wire Fraud

At Ideal Lending Solutions, keeping our customer’s personal information private and secure is a top priority. We will remain vigilant against wire fraud through clear communication at all times. Here are a few tips consumers should keep in mind during the mortgage process to reduce their risk of wire fraud.

Phone in hand photo

Texting Shortcuts for Real Estate Agents

There are a lot of texting shortcuts when texting or posting on social media, but did you know that there are specific interpretations for real estate agents?

Man giving money

Are Closing Costs Tax Deductible Under the New Tax Law?

Here’s the scoop on what’s tax deductible when buying a house.

Tax photo

Are You Getting the Home Tax Deductions You’re Entitled To?

Owning a home can pay off at tax time. If you’re eligible, take advantage of these home ownership-related tax deductions and strategies to lower your tax bill.

What to Expect During a Home Inspection

From finding an inspector to dealing with surprises — this is your guide to getting a house checked out.

Man on laptop

What You Should Really Know About Browsing for Homes Online

You’re probably not going to find that “perfect home” while browsing listings on your smartphone. Instead, consider the online shopping experience to be an amuse bouche to the home-buying entree — a good way for you to get a taste of the different types of homes that are available and a general idea of what else is out there.

Real Estate Investing

Tips for Investing in Rental Properties

Investing in real estate has great potential for passive income. It can also be part of your retirement planning by selling the home and getting a big chunk of equity. It also comes with risks. So I wanted to share with you some of the things that I have learned when it comes to knowing our local real estate market and the real estate agents who specialize in working with real estate investors.

Appraisal High or Low?

What Happens When Your Appraisal Comes in High…or Too Low

When buyers and sellers come to an agreement on the price of a home, it’s the end result of the lowest the seller is willing to accept and the highest the buyer is willing to pay. During negotiations the offer and counteroffer can go back and forth until an agreed upon price is reached…or not. That’s the true market value at work.

House Keys

Home Buying Process

The home buying experience is a learning process. As you move through it you’ll have a number of options to weigh. But, before beginning the search for that dream home, there are a couple of things you can do to prepare. Taking the time to prepare and understanding what is involved in obtaining a mortgage loan will make you not just a smarter home buyer, but a smarter homeowner as well.

6 cost blog photo

6 Costs Homeowners Overlook and How to Pay for Them

For many people, a house is the biggest investment they’ll ever make. And whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you’re buying your third property, you’re bound to end up covering some unexpected expenses. Here are six costs homeowners tend to overlook and how to pay for them


How to Ensure You’re Buying the Perfect Home

For most people, buying a home is the biggest investment they’ll make in their life. Not only is it a huge financial undertaking, but your final choice is a decision you’ll be living with for the foreseeable future.

Happy Family Picture

Does the Federal Government Offer First-Time Home Buyer Grants?

You know home prices have jumped and buying your first home can be a stretch. “First Time Home Buyer Federal Grants” is a common search term today. In fact, you’ll see ads all over the internet promising them, so now seems like a good time to review all the federal grants available that first-time home buyers can tap into.

Get Rid of Your Mortgage Insurance

Lack of inventory and a spike in purchases has caused a rise in home values. This means that you may have enough equity in your home to eliminate costly mortgage insurance premiums by refinancing.

Happy Couple with dog moving into new home

10 Important Tips for First time Homebuyers

Getting ready to buy your very first home? Maybe just thinking about it and you’re doing a little due diligence? Every home owner today was at some point a first time buyer. With just a few clicks on your keyboard you can get a wealth of information about most any aspect of home buying and financing.

Mortgage Application Photo

Purchase the home of your dreams with a HomeReady® Mortgage Loan

HomeReady® was designed by Fannie Mae to make purchasing a home more affordable for borrowers. Creditworthy, low-to-moderate income buyers may be able to purchase a home with low down payment options as low as 3%.

Elderly couple on beach photo

Want to Retire in the Home of your Dreams?

A HECM for Purchase May Be The Right Program For You!

House keychain and Money

Approved Sources for Down Payment and Closing Cost Funds

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or getting ready to retire and buy your “forever” home, you’ll need to consider how much you’ll need to have for a down payment as well as pay for closing costs associated with getting a mortgage.

FHA 203K blog image

The FHA 203(k) Loan Program Explained

A FHA 203(b) refers to yet another and is the most common FHA program in today’s market. A standard FHA loan to buy and finance a primary residence is an FHA (b) loan but no one really refers to it that way, it’s just an FHA mortgage.

Retrired Couple

Florida ranks in Top 10 of Kiplinger’s 2018 “Where To Retire” list

In contemplating retirement, the big question tends to be when to retire? Or, perhaps, how much money do you need to retire? But where to retire can be an equally pressing matter.

Man in front of question board

Questions About 3% Down?

Are you unsure if you are eligible for a Fannie Mae 3% down payment mortgage? If so, review these questions and answers provided about 3% down.

Reverse Mortgage Blog Image

Could you use a Reverse Mortgage in Retirement?

Throughout your working life, you’ve dreamed of retirement. But wait a minute! How’s your retirement income going to pay for property taxes, unexpected medical bills, rising energy and utility expenses, and the overall cost of living?

House For Sale

10 Problems to Avoid When Buying or Selling a Home

At Ideal Lending Solutions, we know that preparation, along with a little bit of education, can go a long way in helping prospective buyers and sellers avoid costly mistakes and ensure a positive and affordable outcome.

Finding the Right House

Finding the Right House

Let’s start with finding the right house. Before you begin your search for a home, it’s important to identify the type and style you’d like. Build your checklist by asking yourself some key questions.

Top Mistakes of 1st Time HomeBuyers Blog

Top Mistakes of 1st Time HomeBuyers

Avoid making these top mistakes as a 1st time homebuyers.

New home Key photo

Stop Paying Your Landlord’s Mortgage

Committing ANY of these acts can dramatically alter your Credit Score or Debt to Income Ratios and can even block your chance of closing on your home purchase.

tips to keep your loan on track blog photo

Tips to keep your Loan on Track

To ensure that your loan processes quickly it’s important not to do anything that significantly changes your overall financial picture.

House-Hunting blog photo

House Hunting Tips

House hunting tips that will help you find the perfect home!

Income Tax Deductions Realtor blog photo

2017 Income Tax Deductions For Real Estate Agents

This is a list of possible income tax deductions available to real estate agents. Be sure to review with a tax professional to ensure that these deductions apply to your tax situation.

What happens after the -closing blog photo

What Happens After The Closing

What Happens After The Closing – This guide includes 10 tips you need to know about after you close on your new home!

Saving Money During Tax Time blog photo

Owning a Home Can Save You Money At Tax Time

Owning a Home Can Save You Money At Tax Time – This guide includes 10 tax benefits you need to know about!

Loan Limit Increase blog photo

2018 Loan Limit Increase

FHFA Announces 2018 Loan Limit Increase – New conforming loan limits may make your South Florida homeownership dreams come true!

Home Ownership steps blog photo

Steps To Home Ownership

Select a qualified, experienced mortgage lender that you feel comfortable with and get the answers to these questions. Your loan officer will help you find and select the best loan program for your means, help you get pre-approved and guide you to closing.

rent home vs buy blog photo

Renters Have Much to Gain by Pursuing Home Ownership

Buying a home vs. renting is a big decision that takes careful consideration, as most mortgage consultants will agree. But the rewards of home ownership are great. For many years, purchasing real estate has been considered an extremely profitable investment.

Questions to Ask When Buying A Home blog photo

Asking Yourself The Right Questions When Buying A Home

Knowing just how much house you can afford will make your search much easier. This is probably the most important question for first time home buyers.

Problems to Avoid When Buying A Home

10 Problems to Avoid When Buying or Selling a Home

There is nothing worse than making an important decision without having all the information. A lack of preparation can result in mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars.

Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance

If you’re a low or middle-income homebuyer who qualifies for an FHA first mortgage but could use some down payment assistance, Ideal Lending Solutions may have the answer. In fact, based on your income there are three options possibly available, providing up to 3.5% of the sale price or appraised value (whichever is less).

West Palm Beach Mortgage Broker - Getting Your Loan Approved

Need To Know: Getting Your Loan Approved

As West Palm Beach Mortgage professionals, we understand that finding the perfect home is something special. You’ve searched far and wide for the home that has everything you need and you finally found it. You want to purchase it but need to get approved for a mortgage. Now what?

West Palm Beach Mortgage Lender - February Market Update

West Palm Beach Market Update – February 2017

Are you looking to buy a home in South Florida? If so, join the line! In a recent article posted on the Sun Sentinel, the author noted that home prices continue to rise in not only South Florida but also across the entire nation.

Prepare Financially

Prepare Financially for Buying a Home

Let’s face it, you don’t buy a house every day. Even if this isn’t your first time, you want to be sure to avoid any surprises that might affect your chances of being approved for a mortgage loan.

West Palm Beach Mortgage Broker

Three Reasons You Should Consider a Mortgage Broker

Navigating the mortgage process is complex and you probably have many questions if this is your first time. Here are my top three reasons you should consider a mortgage broker.

Refinance Your Mortgage

Three Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage

Working in the West Palm Beach mortgage industry for many years we have assisted and advised many clients looking to refinance their mortgage. All our clients had questions about refinancing, how does it work?

12 Days of Christmas Miracles Frank G

Kathleen Williams nominates local hero for Christmas Miracle

Wellington’s own everyday hero Frank G. was nominated by Kathleen Williams of Ideal Lending Solutions to be a recipient of Homes for Heroes 12 Days of Christmas Miracles.

Conforming Loan Limits

FHFA Increases 2017 Baseline Conforming Loan Limits

It’s no secret that home prices have been on the rise. Current median home price have actually exceeded 2007, pre-recession values by 1.7% while properties in high-cost areas of the country exceed the baseline loan limit by 115%.

Money Myths

3 Scary Money Myths That Make No Cents!

For most of us, buying a home is the single biggest financial transaction we will make. It’s exciting and fulfilling, but it can also be overwhelming, even downright frightening.

Home Buyer Mistakes logo

13 Mistakes Home Buyers Make and How To Avoid Them

For most of us, buying a home is the single biggest financial transaction we will make. It’s exciting and fulfilling, but it can also be overwhelming, even downright frightening.

Mortgage Predictions

10 Bold Predictions for the Mortgage Industry

If the past 40 years has revealed anything about the mortgage industry, it’s that change is constant, and inevitable. From the future of Fannie and Freddie to the role technology will play in underwriting, here’s a look at 10 bold predictions that will shake up the mortgage industry.

Buy Vs Rent

Buying vs Renting a Home

Buying vs Renting a Home How much could you be saving by buying a home? West Palm Beach, FL –

Realtor Listing

Realtors: When Should You Walk Away from a Listing?

Top 5 Reasons to Walk Away from a Listing When Should You Walk Away from a Listing? West Palm Beach,

Taxpayer Rights

Your Taxpayer Rights

Your Taxpayer Rights Your Taxpayer Rights if You ever get Audited by the IRS West Palm Beach, FL – There

Ideal Lending Solutions Habitat for Humanity

Ideal Lending Solutions Teams Up with Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County

Ideal Lending Solutions Teams Up with Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County Helping to Build a House for a

Increase the sale price of your home

Increase the sale price of your home

Low-Cost Ways to Increase the Sale Price Of Your Home 7 ways to increase the sale price of your home

Housing Market

Rising Homeownership Rates

Hispanic Consumers Capturing Biggest Growth Segment of U.S. Housing Market According to Census Bureau numbers, the Hispanic homeownership rate rose

Misconceptions about Credit Reports

7 Common Misconceptions about Credit Reports

7 Common Misconceptions about Credit Reports There are a lot of misconceptions about what information (about you) becomes part of

Student Loan Debt

Ways To Avoid Student Loan Debt

Ways To Avoid Student Loan Debt How to Avoid Massive Student Loan Debt Aventura, FL – As you make plans


Real Estate Agents Can Help Appraisal Process

8 Things Real Estate Agents can do to help with the Appraisal Process Realtors have more control working with an

Planning For Prosperity

Planning For Prosperity

Planning For Prosperity In the New Year Planning for prosperity: simple, bedrock rules on personal finance. West Palm Beach, FL

mortgage pre-approval

Pre-Qualification Vs. Pre-Approval

West Palm Beach, FL – There’s a big difference between being Pre-Approved for a home mortgage and Pre-Qualified. Home buyers

Credit During Divorce

Steps to Protect Your Credit During a Divorce

West Palm Beach, FL – When a marriage ends in divorce, the lives of those involved are changed forever. During this

Property Appraisal

Preparing Your Home for a Property Appraisal

You’ve sold your home. Or, you are thinking of refinancing your current mortgage. One of the things that the lender will require is a property appraisal. While the actual appraisal inspection make take only an hour or two, the appraiser must go back to the office, do the research and write a 10- to 12-page report.

First Time Home Buyers

Taking the First Step into Home Ownership

Taking the step into home ownership is one of the most important financial decisions a person will make in their lifetime. There are many factors to consider when embarking on this venture. Literally hundreds of loan programs are available, and it is important to find the one that best fits your personal long-term goals.

Ideal Lending Solutions

Ideal Lending Solutions dedication to customer service stands unmatched in the industry. It is what separates us from our competitors. We understand that buying a home can oftentimes be a confusing and difficult process, especially if you’re a first time buyer. At Ideal Lending Solutions, we confidently guide you every step of the way. Our experienced team of lending experts is there to meet any challenges that you may face along the road to becoming a homeowner.

And with our trusted “In-The-Know” policy, you will be kept well-informed and up-to-date throughout the entire home buying process. With Ideal Lending Services, you’ll never feel like you’ve been left in the dark when it comes to getting your home loan. Apply Today With Ideal Lending Solutions!