Don't mistake a Mortgage Pre-Qualification for a Mortgage Pre-Approval

Why Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval?

West Palm Beach, FLThere’s a big difference between being Pre-Approved for a home mortgage and Pre-Qualified. Home buyers who get pre-approved have submitted documentation and their application has been put through a rigorous process. Pre-qualification is only a preliminary assessment of a borrower’s ability to qualify and requires more time, documentation and examination to confirm eligibility.

Home buyers who choose pre-approval and pre-qualification will have different experiences with the home buying experience.


  • Snapshot or quick review of your income and assets
  • Provides an estimate of how much house you might afford
  • Doesn’t guarantee you have a loan or even settled on a lender


  • Detailed view of your credit worthiness verified by a full review of your income and assets
  • Performed by an Ideal Lending Solutions Mortgage Underwriter
  • All that’s left for final approval is an appraisal, title search and no change in your financial condition prior to closing

With a pre-approval letter from Ideal Lending Solutions in hand, you have the confidence you need to make an offer!

  • Know what you can really afford
  • Negotiate better
  • Show the seller you’re serious
  • Close faster

Let’s talk about your options. We can put time on your side and help you get prepared to have the best possible experience – whenever you’re ready to buy a home.

Ideal Lending Solutions is your premier home mortgage lender in Florida. At Ideal Lending Solutions you will work one-on-one with a dedicated mortgage professional who can explain loan programs and offer great mortgage rates to meet your financial goals.